Personal SoulTrack sessions ONLINE

The Soundtrack of Your Soul


Do you want to LIVE the life for which you were born? in contact with your Source?

Then it is time to reconnect with the pure expression of your soul. Because that is the highest form of who you are as a unique person.

“I support you with intuitive music and coaching
on your path to more awareness and transformation.
Are you coming with me on a journey inside? “

“My mission is to contribute to the awakening of humanity through intuitive music with pure intention”

Your unique SoulTrack is a musical mirror of your soul. If I tune in to your source, I am a channel for the music that brings you into here and now, in deep contact with yourself.
The only place and time where healing and transformation can take place.

Betoverend mooi...

…was het pianospel van Roger dat mij in diepe trance bracht. Prachtig hoe ons ‘samenspel’ was.
Mijn ziel inspireerde zijn ziel wat een vibrerend effect had op mijn hele lichaam. De klanken namen mij mee op reis en in de diepte vond ik mijzelf. Wat een rust en alles is goed zoals het is. Heerlijk. Wat een ontspanning! Fijn om de cd terug te kunnen luisteren en helemaal bijzonder dat deze alleen voor mij is gemaakt. De afdruk van mijn ziel. Prachtig! Dit zou iedereen die actief bezig is met bewustwording aan zichzelf cadeau moeten geven. Je dompelt jezelf onder in de warmte en liefde van je eigen ziel. Bemoedigend voor de rest van je pad. Wat een rijkdom. Dank Roger dat jij dit hebt gefaciliteerd. It’s a gift!”
– Eline –

A special experience

“Wow the soundtrack of my soul was a special experience that I will not soon forget. The beautiful clear sounds of the piano that tuned in to my soul came all the way in. The session was completed by Roger’s calm and clear explanation of my soul and his musical attunement. And the nice thing is that I often relive this musical journey at home, on CD, something that makes my soul very happy! ”

– Betty –

A warm bath

“A warm bath, a cocoon to recharge in. That’s how my session felt with Roger Spees. He has a warm open personality that quickly puts you at ease. After the session, I bought the recording to use at home to enjoy, and when I put on the music I can turn back to myself. And that is a gift in my hectic life. ”

– Prasand –

A piece of my Soul

“A piece of my Soul. Roger Spees has the extraordinary gift of being able to look deeply into your soul and to translate it instantly in music.

It was mesmerizing to hear how another person is able to perceive your deepest emotions and vulnerabilities and translate them into the most beautiful sounds. The best birthday present my friend and I ever received.” 
– Ann Thu-

Listening Examples

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